Biological Oceanographer Dr. Solange Duhamel Study Published in The ISME Journal!

March 8, 2021

Researchers, including MCB's Biological Oceanographer Dr. Solange Duhamel, studied species of green algae to understand if the algae feed on bacteria. Their study provided definitive proof this occurs and was published in The ISME Journal!

Two of the co-authors of the study now work at The American Museum of Natural history; read the AMNH press release!

The Earth Institute at Columbia University, where Dr. Duhamel and her grad students were at the time of the study, also published a press release. Read it here!

Photo of the Duhamel Lab in 2018:

Duhamel Lab 2018

Lead Author Nicholas Bock, in the upper right, Dr. Solange Duhamel in the lower right, and co-author Sophie Charvet in the lower left of the photo.