Mollie Wiegand

MCB PhD Student

MCB Program Start

Undergrad School
University of Arizona

Undergrad Degree
Veterinary Science

Undergrad Graduation Year

Research Advisor and Department

Dr. Pascale Charest, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Previous Research Experience

Dr. Yana Zavros’s lab, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Rotation

Dr. Pascale Charest’s lab, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Rotation

Dr. Nathan Ellis’s lab, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Rotation

Dr. Cindy Miranti’s lab, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Internship


Bergsma A, Ganguly SS, Wiegand ME, Dick D, Williams BO, Miranti CK.  Regulation of cytoskeleton and adhesion signaling in osteoclasts by tetraspanin CD82. Bone Reports. 2019;10.

Research Topic

The role and regulation of the Ras-mTORC2 pathway in breast cancer cell migration.

Supported By

NIH-T32 Institutional Training Grant (2020)


Keep Engaging Youth in Science (KEYS) mentor for high school students

Hobbies and Interests

Reading, writing, and spending time with my dog Lani! Also hiking or horseback-riding with family and attending musicals on special occasions.

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