Financial Support

Students in the BMCB graduate program receive financial support in the form an annual stipend, tuition and registration fees, and student health insurance. These funds are provided from different sources including institutional fellowships, graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships, individual fellowships, and institutional training grants.

The BMCB Graduate Program is supported by a training grant (T32GM008659) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Trainees are selected from current BMCB students through a competitive process. To be considered for appointment as a trainee, students must:

  1. Have selected the BMCB graduate program as their academic program
  2. Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  3. Have completed one academic year of graduate study
  4. Shown outstanding promise

Applications, which include a copy of the student’s current CV and a one page summary of research accomplishments and plans, must be submitted to the BMCB Graduate Coordinator by May 1 of each year. Appointments to the training grant are collectively decided by the BMCB Executive Committee, begin on July 1 of each year, and extend for increments of one year.